Charity Hive is the only fundraising platform you need for donations, events, tickets, raffles and more
Digital fundraising, donations, events, tickets, raffles and more

The most comprehensive digital fundraising platform. Take a look at what's under the hood.

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Charity Hive allows you to send messages to certain groups, such as those registered for a particular event. This includes marketing messages to those that have opted-in.

Marketing messages to those that have opted-in
Charity Hive allows you to send messages to certain groups

Mailing Lists and Delivery

Charity Hive's communication tools, including mailing lists, are a valuable resource to effectively reach, engage, and nurture your donor base through targeted and personalised email campaigns.

Mailing List Management

Charity Hive provides tools for creating and managing mailing lists, including adding and removing subscribers, handling unsubscribe requests, and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Email Campaigns

Charity Hive allows you to create and send targeted email campaigns to your supporters, helping you engage with donors, share updates, and promote fundraising initiatives.


The platform enables personalised email content, including contact names and customised messages.

Analytics and Reporting

Track the performance of email campaigns through analytics and reporting tools, measuring metrics like open rates and click-through rates.

Opt-out Management

The platform complies with email marketing regulations by providing opt-out management features and handling unsubscribe requests.

Your logo and colours

The system also sends automated messages to let user’s know when someone has donated to their fundraising page, and you’ll also be made aware of new shop orders and more. Not only are messages sent via email, but they also appear within the user’s Dashboard for quick and easy reference.

Create short and memorable links and QR codes

Link Management

Create short and memorable links and QR codes for use on marketing materials and social media messages. Then see how many clicks they’ve received, along with conversion analytics and money received.

  • Customise link back-halves (often called “URL slugs”) so people know where you're sending them
  • Securely shorten links so they don't take up valuable character count
  • QR Codes are automatically created and available to download in high resolution digital and print format
  • Track click rates and revenue
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Your Hive is exclusive!

Your Hive is exclusive!

Your organisation will have its very own platform, with customised branding, logo and colours, so your message and fundraising efforts won’t be diluted or have to compete with any other charity.

Instant Payments

Instant Payments

Because we use your own payment gateway account, funds are deposited directly to you, when a user pays or donates. Unlike other services, where you could be waiting 1 or 2 months to receive your funds



There are no limitations with Charity Hive. You can have as many events, pages, news items, shop products, raffles, auction lots, fundraisers or users as you require.

Sit back and relax!

Sit back and relax!

Automated processes are key to the Charity Hive platform, so you’ll be able to sit back, relax and let our busy bees do the hard work for you! We help reduce costs in charges and working hours, so your fundraising team and personnel can benefit, by saving time and money to spend on frontline causes.