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Fundraising Events

Powerful event registration to maximise the impact of your fundraising events while maintaining efficient donor engagement.

Powerful event registration
Fundraising Events
Simple event registration that makes it easy for supporters to get involved

Simple event registration that makes it easy for supporters to get involved

Unlimited events with their own specific options including entry fee, minimum fundraising target, number of spaces and a whole lot more!

  • Entry fee (including free entry)
  • Optional or mandatory donation during registration
  • Minimum fundraising target
  • Maximum capacity with “Sold Out” handling to prevent over booking
  • Optional team creation
  • Multiple date and options
  • Event specific T&Cs and forms
  • Fundraising pages automatically created when supporters sign up for an event
  • Set a default fundraising page story and image for the entire event
  • Upsell with official event merchandise that can be purchased during the sign-up process
  • Add bespoke “on the day” items such as maps and itineraries
Unlimited events with their own specific options
Attendees and team management

View, dowload and print comprehensive attendance lists, including next of kin information

Event and ticket level entry limits

Set the maximum number of participants for each event type and automatically stop registrations when the limit is reached.

Individual or groups bookings

Sell single tickets or allow individuals to buy for the whole group.

Data capture

Collect all the information from your participants during registration, with no need for additional forms and follow ups making administration a breeze.

Team functionality – create, join and invite

Make it easy for team leaders to invite their friends, family and colleagues to get involved as a team.

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Event Hub enables leaderboards for fundraising, distance, time and more

Event Hub

Event Hub enables leaderboards for fundraising, distance, time and more, helping to create a sense of community and encourage people to fundraise.

Central event specific statistics
  • Set your own event fundraising target
  • Leaderboards shown for individuals and teams
  • Donor messages displayed show encouragement
  • All participant blogs and updates centrally displayed
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Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Set up distance or time milestone-based challenges and automatically keep track of individual and team progress in a visual way. Add event leaderboards to encourage healthy competition.

  • Set a Total Distance or Timeframe Target
  • Limit the activity types allowed
  • Upload a route with a .gpx file
  • Set a date range that activities count
  • Allow manual entries or not
Powered by Activity Hive

Let your supporters easily upload their activity via Strava – the most widely used fitness app – or manually through their preferred tracking apps. Benefit from mobile-ready event and fundraising pages for a first-class supporter experience.

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Your Hive is exclusive!

Your Hive is exclusive!

Your organisation will have its very own platform, with customised branding, logo and colours, so your message and fundraising efforts won’t be diluted or have to compete with any other charity.

Instant Payments

Instant Payments

Because we use your own payment gateway account, funds are deposited directly to you, when a user pays or donates. Unlike other services, where you could be waiting 1 or 2 months to receive your funds



There are no limitations with Charity Hive. You can have as many events, pages, news items, shop products, raffles, auction lots, fundraisers or users as you require.

Sit back and relax!

Sit back and relax!

Automated processes are key to the Charity Hive platform, so you’ll be able to sit back, relax and let our busy bees do the hard work for you! We help reduce costs in charges and working hours, so your fundraising team and personnel can benefit, by saving time and money to spend on frontline causes.