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Safe. Secure. Fast

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No Fee Ethos

We're here to help

We’re here to help you and your staff with any aspect of the Charity Hive platform, and we also extend this support to your end users.

Here to guide and help you
We're here to help
Support is all handled through our online ticketing system

We're here to guide and help you

Support is all handled through our online ticketing system, which can be activated anywhere within the platform, or by sending us an email or WhatsApp message.

Knowledge base

The Charity Hive Knowledge base can also be accessed 24/7 and is the go-to guide to answer your queries surrounding the entire system.

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When you sign up for Charity Hive, we are here to walk you through the platform

Setup and onboarding

When you sign up for Charity Hive, we are here to walk you through the platform and get you setup.

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The perfect partner

We've been looking for a partner not just a platform and in Charity Hive we have genuine customer support as well as first-class technology. This makes all the difference to us as a small charity.

Charity Hive has changed the game for our PFA!

With our old PTA Events website provider, we were forking out over £350 on an annual fee, along with much higher on-going fees, so Charity Hive has been a game changer! It has enabled us to have the appropriate infrastructure in place to be able to do things efficiently. More tools, more possibilities and overall a beautiful mobile-friendly website!

Engaged participants and more

Charity Hive has already allowed us to put on a number of events that have engaged participants and given us control of the fundraising journey from start to finish.

10x increase in regular donors

Since switching from our old fundraising platform to Charity Hive, we have seen our number of regular donors increase tenfold.

Maintained identity

The Charity Hive platform allows us to maintain our brand identity across all our fundraising initiatives, helping us to deliver a clear and consistent message aligned with our vision and mission.

We are delighted

"We are delighted with the support we’ve received from Charity Hive! As a new charity it’s been invaluable!"

With you, every step of the way

With you, every step of the way

Our support doesn't end when you sign up!

We're here to help you hit your fundraising goals. You can expect:

  • Pro-active engagement
  • Both technical and strategic support
  • Platform updates
  • Customisation - let us know if you need anything specific
Charity Hive is your all-in-one platform for successful fundraising
Charity Hive is a powerful fundraising platform

Why Charity Hive?

Founded in March 2019, we have come a long way, and now look after hundreds of organisations like yours. We're your all-in-one platform for successful fundraising where you have everything at your fingertips. Whether you're a charity, a community interest company, a sports club, or a PTA, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of fundraising solutions tailored just for you.

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