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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Charity Hive?

We work with charities, Community Interest Companies (CIC), community amateur sports club's (CASC) and school PTA's & PFA's

How much does Charity Hive cost?

We don't charge any up-front setup fees, or monthly subscriptions. You simply pay a per transaction fee of 2% for donations (excluding Gift Aid) and 4% for all other payments (entry fees, tickets, raffles, shop products, etc), plus a small card payment processing fee (taken at source), meaning that you only pay when you earn. This is calculated at the end of the month and invoiced. Find out more about pricing here and view a hypothetical donation example here

Why Charity Hive?

Having worked with a number of charities, we saw a gap to provide a "one stop shop" solution to fundraising, events, ticket sales, selling of merchandise and quick and easy donations. There are a number of websites offering fundraising tools, but they tend to only offer these individually. Also, what struck us, were the upfront and monthly subscription fees that charities were having to pay before they had even received any donations! We didn't think that was right, so Charity Hive was born!

Are there any setup costs of monthly subscriptions?

Nope! Zilch, none, nothing, nada!

How many users and events can we have?

There are no limitations at all. You can have as many events, shop products, fundraisers, users, etc as you require.

When do we receive our funds?

Instantly! There is no hanging about with Charity Hive. Because it uses your own Stripe account, funds are deposited directly when a user pays or donates.

Can Charity Hive be customised?

We've built the platform so that it can house your own logo and the colour scheme can be changed to fit your branding. We can also use a subdomain off of your current website address e.g.

What if we need something bespoke?

Please let us know what you need and we can look to add it in! If the requested addition or change will benefit the platform we will complete this fee free, otherwise we can quote for these changes.

There must be a catch? It's too good to be true!?

Nope, you're eyes aren't deceiving you! We are on a mission to make fundraising accessible, affordable and we're the only platform offering all of these comprehensive features with a truly "only pay when you earn" ethos!

Join the Hive!

Join the Hive!

  • Feature packed
  • No plans or packages - everything is included!
  • No setup or monthly costs
  • No subscription
  • 2% fee on donations
  • 4% for everything else
  • Funds paid directly into your bank
Charity Hive is your all-in-one platform for successful fundraising
Charity Hive is a powerful fundraising platform

Why Charity Hive?

Founded in March 2019, we have come a long way, and now look after hundreds of organisations like yours. We're your all-in-one platform for successful fundraising where you have everything at your fingertips. Whether you're a charity, a community interest company, a sports club, or a PTA, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of fundraising solutions tailored just for you.

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