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Online Shop

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Drop Shipping

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Donor Profiling

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Hive Hub

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Dedicated Support

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Safe. Secure. Fast

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No Fee Ethos

Simple pricing...

At Charity Hive, we believe in transparency and fairness. We don't burden you with setup fees or monthly service charges, and we don’t have set plans or packages - everything is included!

We simply charge a transaction fee (billed monthly), meaning that you only ever pay these fees when you’ve generated income.

No monthly or setup fees!

  • 2% per donation (one-off, regular or via fundraising pages)*
  • 4% for all other transactions (e.g. ticket, shop, raffle, etc)*
  • Free tickets and entry fees are fee free
*Plus Stripe (charity rate) payment processing fee - 1.2% plus 20p

Feature packed and all inclusive:

  • Donations and Fundraising
    - Single and regular donations
    - Individual and team fundraising pages
    - Gift Aid
    - User created fundraising pages
    - User blogs and vlogs (with photo and video uploads)
    - Real time fundraising and donations data

  • Crowdfunding and Campaigns
    - Easily create compelling crowdfunding and campaign pages
    - Gift Aid
    - User created fundraising pages
    - Real time fundraising and donations data

  • In Memory
    - Memorial fundraising pages with a sensitive tone of voice
    - Ability to add livestreaming links on the page so events and services can reach a wider audience
    - Fundraising targets and progress bars hidden
    - Donors can leave tribute messages or remain anonymous
    - Gift Aid
    - User blogs and vlogs (with photo and video uploads)
    - Real time fundraising and donations data

  • Events
    - Real time fundraising and donations data
    - Maximum capacity with “Sold Out” handling
    - Entry Fee and minimum fundraising target
    - Team creation
    - Event specific T&Cs and forms
    - Upsell with official event merchandise that can be purchased during the sign-up process
    - Add bespoke “on the day” items such as maps and itineraries
    - Auto fundraising page creation
    - Event Hub - individual and team leaderboards

  • Tickets
    - Maximum capacity with “Sold Out” handling
    - Unlimited ticket options
    - Tiered pricing
    - Add guest names and dietary requirements
    - PDF Tickets and QR Code integration

  • Online Shop
    - Product creation with attributes (colour, size, etc)
    - Send to supplier for fulfillment
    - External (third party) product links
    - Drop Shipping available

  • Auctions
    - Create online auction lots
    - Starting bid, reserve price and auction duration options
    - Run one lot, or have several at a time
    - Automated bid notifications
    - Payment handling

  • Raffles
    - Create raffle or Prize Competition draws
    - Ticket price and maximum tickets available
    - Bundle price options for Prize Competition (e.g. 1 for £10, 2 for £15, etc)
    - List each prize with descriptions and image
    - Automated draw utilising a Random Number Generator
    - Payment handling

Dedicated Support

Support is all handled through our online ticketing system, which can be activated anywhere within the platform, or by sending us an email.

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Safe. Secure. Fast

We take security and data privacy seriously. Our top priority is protecting your organisation, your supporters and your data.

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About Charity Hive

Charity Hive is an all-in-one platform for successful fundraising and empowers good causes by providing a wide range of features and benefits.

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Pricing FAQ

If you don't see an answer to your question, please get in touch.

We work with charities, Community Interest Companies (CIC), community amateur sports club's (CASC) and school PTA's & PFA's

We don't charge any up-front setup fees, or monthly subscriptions. You simply pay a per transaction fee of 2% for donations (excluding Gift Aid) and 4% for all other payments (entry fees, tickets, raffles, shop products, etc), plus a small card payment processing fee (taken at source), meaning that you only pay when you earn. This is calculated at the end of the month and invoiced. Find out more about pricing here and view a hypothetical donation example here

Having worked with a number of charities, we saw a gap to provide a "one stop shop" solution to fundraising, events, ticket sales, selling of merchandise and quick and easy donations. There are a number of websites offering fundraising tools, but they tend to only offer these individually. Also, what struck us, were the upfront and monthly subscription fees that charities were having to pay before they had even received any donations! We didn't think that was right, so Charity Hive was born!

Nope! Zilch, none, nothing, nada!

There are no limitations at all. You can have as many events, shop products, fundraisers, users, etc as you require.

Instantly! There is no hanging about with Charity Hive. Because it uses your own Stripe account, funds are deposited directly when a user pays or donates.

We've built the platform so that it can house your own logo and the colour scheme can be changed to fit your branding. We can also use a subdomain off of your current website address e.g.

Please let us know what you need and we can look to add it in! If the requested addition or change will benefit the platform we will complete this fee free, otherwise we can quote for these changes.

Nope, you're eyes aren't deceiving you! We are on a mission to make fundraising accessible, affordable and we're the only platform offering all of these comprehensive features with a truly "only pay when you earn" ethos!

Happy Customers

See what our customers are saying:

The perfect partner

We've been looking for a partner not just a platform and in Charity Hive we have genuine customer support as well as first-class technology. This makes all the difference to us as a small charity.

Charity Hive has changed the game for our PFA!

With our old PTA Events website provider, we were forking out over £350 on an annual fee, along with much higher on-going fees, so Charity Hive has been a game changer! It has enabled us to have the appropriate infrastructure in place to be able to do things efficiently. More tools, more possibilities and overall a beautiful mobile-friendly website!

Engaged participants and more

Charity Hive has already allowed us to put on a number of events that have engaged participants and given us control of the fundraising journey from start to finish.

10x increase in regular donors

Since switching from our old fundraising platform to Charity Hive, we have seen our number of regular donors increase tenfold.

Maintained identity

The Charity Hive platform allows us to maintain our brand identity across all our fundraising initiatives, helping us to deliver a clear and consistent message aligned with our vision and mission.

We are delighted

"We are delighted with the support we’ve received from Charity Hive! As a new charity it’s been invaluable!"

Join the Hive!

Join the Hive!

  • Feature packed
  • No plans or packages - everything is included!
  • No setup or monthly costs
  • No subscription
  • 2% fee on donations
  • 4% for everything else
  • Funds paid directly into your bank