We like to keep things simple...

The Charity Hive platform doesn’t charge a penny for setup or monthly subscription fees. We charge a flat 6% fee on every transaction (billed monthly), meaning you only pay when you earn.

£ 0

No monthly fees

No setup costs

6% per transaction*
  • Fundraising
    - Single and regular donations
    - Individual and team fundraising pages
    - Gift Aid
    - User created fundraising events
    - User blogs and vlogs (with photo and video uploads)
  • Events
    - Maximum capacity with “Sold Out” handling
    - Entry Fee and minimum fundraising target
    - Team creation
    - Event specific T&Cs and forms
    - Upsell with official event merchandise that can be purchased during the sign-up process
    - Add bespoke “on the day” items such as maps and itineraries
    - Event Partners (with logo and URL)
  • Tickets
    - Maximum capacity with “Sold Out” handling
    - Standard of VIP ticket options
    - Tiered pricing
    - Add guest names and dietary requirements
    - PDF Tickets and QR Code integration
  • Online Shop
    - Product creation with attributes (colour, size)
    - Send to supplier for fulfillment
    - External (third party) product links
  • Online Auction
    - Create online auction lots
    - Starting bid, reserve price and auction duration options
    - Run one lot, or have several at a time
    - Automated bid notifications
    - Payment handling
  • Raffles
    - Create raffle or Prize Competition draws
    - Ticket price and maximum tickets available
    - Bundle price options for Prize Competition (e.g. 1 for £10, 2 for £15, etc)
    - List each prize with descriptions and image
    - Automated draw utilising a Random Number Generator
    - Payment handling
  • UK based Cloud hosting
  • GDPR compliancy is integrated “out-of-the-box”
  • Admin Dashboard Suite
  • Bespoke App (iOS and Android)
    - Branded for your charity
    - Available for phones and tablets.
  • Social Media Sharing integration
  • Communication tools (email users)
  • Notifications (i.e. when users register)
  • Insights and Reporting
  • Own platform (i.e. not shared with other charities)
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay**
  • Instant payments direct to your account
  • Discount and Coupon Codes
  • Link Tracking and Short Links
  • Helpdesk Support (Charity and End User), Knowledgebase plus Upgrades

*Plus payment processing fee. **Requires Stripe.

Accessible anytime & anywhere!

As a completely online solution, you and your users can check fundraising pages in real-time via your Charity Hive website. Whether this is at the office, home, waiting for a train, or even whilst doing an event - complete control at your fingertips. Integrated with Apple Pay and Google Pay, donations and payments can also be made direct.